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Linux Commands Index - L

Below given are the list of Linux commands which starts with L. We have provided a breif description for each command. To know more about each command and its usage try the following.

man command-name

man ls

List of all Linux Commands Under Index - L

Index - L

last (1) - show listing of last logged in users

lastb [last] (1) - show listing of last logged in users

lastlog (8) - reports the most recent login of all users or of a given user

ld (1) - The GNU linker
ld (8) -* - dynamic linker/loader [ld] (8) -* - dynamic linker/loader

ldd (1) - print shared library dependencies

less (1) - opposite of more
less (3pm) - perl pragma to request less of something from the compiler
less (rpm) - A text file browser similar to more, but better.

lesskey (1) - specify key bindings for less

lftp (1) - Sophisticated file transfer program
lftp (rpm) - A sophisticated file transfer program

lftpget (1) - get a file with lftp(1)

link (1) - call the link function to create a link to a file
link (1p) - call link function
link (2) - make a new name for a file
link (3p) - link to a file

ln (1) - make links between files
ln (1p) - link files

loadkeys (1) - load keyboard translation tables

Locale::Constants (3pm) - constants for Locale codes
Locale::Country (3pm) - ISO codes for country identification (ISO 3166)
Locale::Currency (3pm) - ISO three letter codes for currency identification (ISO 4217)
Locale::Language (3pm) - ISO two letter codes for language identification (ISO 639)
Locale::Maketext (3pm) - framework for localization
Locale::Script (3pm) - ISO codes for script identification (ISO 15924)

locale (1) - Get locale - specific information
locale (1p) - get locale - specific information
locale (3pm) - Perl pragma to use and avoid POSIX locales for built-in operations
locale (5) - Describes a locale definition file
locale (7) - Description of multi-language support
locale.h [locale] (0p) - category macros
locate (1) - find files by name

lockfile (1) - conditional semaphore-file creator

logger (1) - a shell command interface to the syslog(3) system log module
logger (1p) - log messages

login (1) - sign on
login (3) - write utmp and wtmp entries
login.defs [login] (5) - shadow password suite configuration

logname (1) - print user's login name
logname (1p) - return the user's login name

logrotate (8) - rotates, compresses, and mails system logs
logrotate (rpm) - Rotates, compresses, removes and mails system log files.

look (1) - display lines beginning with a given string
look [Search::Dict] (3pm) - search for key in dictionary file

losetup (8) - set up and control loop devices

lpadmin (8) - configure cups printers and classes

lpinfo (8) - show available devices or drivers

lpmove (8) - move a job or all jobs to a new destination

lpq [lpq-cups] (1) - show printer queue status

lpr [lpr-cups] (1) - print files

lprm [lprm-cups] (1) - cancel print jobs

lpstat [lpstat-cups] (1) - print cups status information

ls (1) - list directory contents
ls (1p) - list directory contents

lsattr (1) - list file attributes on a Linux second extended file system

lspci (8) - list all PCI devices

lsmod (8) - program to show the status of modules in the Linux Kernel

lsusb (8) - list USB devices

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